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Well before establishing Noosa Style Ceremonies in 2011, I’ve had a passion for people extracting the most out of their lives and relationships. After studying Psychology at University and becoming a registered counsellor and coach, helping others is my priority. Having the best relationships together in marriage and extended with family and friends is what life is all about.

Marriage is the single most rewarding and challenging relationship that two people can have together.

There are many qualities that make a good husband or wife. You two are so different and you will grow, learn and change – it’s normal and important to do these things as an individual. This will affect your marriage and this growth can enhance your relationship together.

Pre-marriage counselling helps with:

  • Communication Skills
  • Developing Shared Goals
  • Understanding your core differences
  • Helps identify your patterns
  • Establishes a set point at the start

During your marriage there will be ups and down, hills and valleys, good times and bad and any other clichés you can imagine. Taking a few short hours to acknowledge these elements gives you a few thoughts or even some tools that you might need on the journey your about to take.

I offer pre-marriage counselling as a part of some packages through Noosa Style Ceremonies or sessions through Mind Shaper – Counselling and Coaching.

These can be completed in 2 X 1 hour sessions – either face to face or online.

Good luck either way, you’re almost at the start-line of a life-long journey – make it awesome – be the best giver and always remain the best of friends x

Jay Flood
Counsellor, Coach and Marriage Celebrant